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Hiermee wil ek graag ook 'n positiewe briefie plaas van hoe my rug probleem verbeter het en hoe baie prolotherapy vir my beteken het.

Ek het die afgelope jaar (en voor dit elke kort-kort) akkute rugpyn gehad.  In my lae rug - bedoelende my stuitjie en die laaste rugwerwel en kussinkie in die lae rug.

X strale het gewys dat die kussinkie daar verslyt het en dat die pyn veroorsaak word deur die rugwerwel wat direk op die ander rugwerwel skuur.

Ek het 'n jaar lank die pyn verduur - amper van my kop af geraak as gevolg van pyn.  Ek kon nie meer sit nie - ek kon nie met my motor ry nie - kon nie inklim of uitklim uit 'n voertuig nie - kon nie na my kinders se sport op 'n paviljoen sit en kyk nie.  Pyn het my lewe oorgeneem en lewensgehalte is ingeboet.

Ek het van dr Bell gehoor - toe gelees - en baie gewonder.  Was ook baie skrikkerig en bang.  Op 4 Julie 2011 het ek die stap geneem en dr Bell gaan sien.

Hy het alles baie mooi aan my verduidelik - ook vir my gesê dat ek 'n goeie kans op herstel het.  Ek is ingespuit.

Die volgende dag kon ek al 'n verbetering in pyn voel - al was die plekke waar hy gespuit het seer - was die stuitjie pyn beter.  Elke dag daarna het dit net beter en beter geword.

Ek het na 6 weke teruggegaan vir die tweede reeks inspuitings - en dit was my laastes.  Ek het geen pyn ek kan skielik weer alles doen wat ek nie voorheen kon doen nie.

Dr Bell is 'n uiters sensitiewe en belangstellende dokter wat bemoeienis met sy patiënt maak.  Baie dankie dokter - u  het my weer my lewensgehalte teruggegee.

Karen j v Rensburg


My name is Bryan Dukas – I run a successful Karate Institute in Vereeniging.    I am 34 years old and hold the rank of 5th Dan in Shotokan Karate.

I have been training karate for 27 years and have been competing for the South African National Karate Team since 1997.
After a very successful 2008, the highlight of the year was being selected as Captain of the National Karate Team when we participated in the WKF World Karate Championships in Tokyo, Japan. After this wonderful experience, I was really looking forward to an exciting 2009.

Then in Feb 2009, during Saturday morning training, while preparing for the KWF World Karate Championships to be held in Norway, I injured my back.
This was an extremely frightening experience, as I momentarily lost all feeling in my legs.     Once the feeling came back I was helped off the training mat (dojo) and went straight to see my physiotherapist. She immediately recommended that I go for a X-ray. The X-ray showed some damage to vertebrae. 
That Monday I went for a MRI scan, where the damage could clearly be seen.
It was then obvious that I needed to see a specialist.    I went to see an orthopedic surgeon who told me that rest was the only cure, and if that did not help, then he would have to operate in a few months time!

Well I did rest, but was in constant pain. I kept on with visits to the physiotherapist. She would help relax the muscles that went into spasm to compensate for the pain and incorrect movements my body was now taking.

At the end of April and still in pain (with the only option given to me was to go under the knife) I decided to go see Dr. Bell, who I had heard about from my physiotherapist.
My first appointment was at the beginning of May. Dr Bell started with prolotheraphy.
After the first 2 days of treatment I was starting to think that this was a waste of time, but by the third visit I noticed that the pain was less. Towards the end of May my movements had become much easier and I was training lightly again.
I went for 5 treatments of prolotherapy (my last being September 2009) and can now honestly say that my back is 100% and I never have any back pain.     

In March 2010 I attended an intense training course in Japan and had no back pain or problems what so ever. (attached photo of me doing a flying kick was taken during that training seminar in Japan )
I am back to 100% training and feel as good as ever.
I truly believe that it was only through Dr.Bell’s treatments that I am back to my old self.

I have referred some of my students to Dr Bell (one being a 50 year old man who could not lift his arm higher than his shoulder without pain. He now too is pain free and has full movement of his arm)

Thanks Dr. Bell for giving karate back to me.

Bryan Dukas

Tenille Swartz
Age : 23
Born : Parys , Free State
Occupation : Professional Squash Player
Effect of Prolotherapy on my shoulder.

I am a professional squash player and a member of WISPA {women’s international squash players association} I started playing squash at the age of 11 and realized soon that I wanted to become the next world nr 1. Iv’e always been a good athlete, with very few injuries and problems physically. I started on the PRO circuit in 2006 and made my way to nr 28 in the world within 18 months of playing full time. I picked up shoulder problems in 2008 and needed surgery to repair the tears I had in my shoulder. I never recovered well after the first surgery and neede a second one 6 months later. Same story after the second surgery, so 6 months later I went for a third surgery. That’s when I realized that I needed something different and something that would help my shoulder to repair itself from the inside and also to reach the very deep tissue that needed help. That’s when I was introduced to Prolotherapy. I went for a few treatments at Dr Bell and before I knew it I was back on court playing at international level within 6 months after my third surgery. I am still going strong and my shoulder has never felt this good, I regained full strength and stability in my shoulder and continuing with prolo treatments every once in a while. I firmly believe that it helped me to return to my squash career much quicker and also pain free, which was a big bonus for me. I can now continue with my dream of becoming the worlds best.

I started having problems with my knees in 2007.It got so bad that I eventually went to the podiatrist and he diagnosed me with runner's knee or the early stages of osteo-arthiritis.The doctor made inners for both my shoes and gave me exercises to do as well to strengthen my calf muscles. I also went for physiotherapy and the physio had one look at my knees and told me my knees are beyond repair.

The podiatrist also informed me that I will eventually have to go for knee reconstructive surgery at a later stage of my life as this will be the only solution to my problem.

At the beginning of 2009 my knees was so stiff and sore I struggled to stand up from the couch and when we went down to the coast on holiday I struggled all the way in pain and discomfort to just get out of my vehicle.

I am only 38 years old but I felt like an 90 year old person as I couldn't even walk long distances on the beach, I also tried joint ease, arthroguard, osteo-eeze, osteogold and other tablets to relieve me off the pain. Unfortunately the pain did not go away as what I hoped it would.

Then in May 2009 we were on holiday and after we came back from the beach I was sitting on the couch and like every person normally do while watching television started flicking through the channels I came across this programme Know Your Game on SABC 2.On this programme they introduced Dr Bell and he started explaining prolotherapy to the viewers. I then told my wife that what Dr Bell is demonstrating is the problem that I have with my knees. I rushed to get a pen and paper and wrote down Dr Bell name and prolotheraphy and at the end of the programme the interviewer said that Dr Bell could be found in Parys.

After we returned from holiday the first thing we did was to do a search on prolotherapy and came across Dr Bell's website. I then phoned to book for an appointment and that is how I started going to Parys to meet Dr Bell.

Dr Bell is Truly The Best Doctor In This Country and no other doctor will be able to better him in what he is doing. He is the Best of the Best. Dr Bell diagnosed me with having too much GOUT in my knees. He immediately started draining the fluid from my knees, I had over 55ml of acid in my left knee and over 100ml of acid in my right knee.

After 5 visits of prolotheraphy and injections in my knees I can truly say that I feel like a new person, Dr Bell also got rid of my migraines for me as I suffered from constant migraines. I have not had one migraine for the past 2 months.

Dr Bell is so good I also took my mom to him to sort out the pain in her hands as she already went for 2 operations and it was not a success, but the prolotheraphy helps as the injections takes away the pain and my mom says her hands feels like what they were 20 years ago.

On my mom's next visit she will have the pain sorted out in her lower back as well.

I also took my wife to see Dr Bell as she has got problems with her hormones and she was also wrongly diagnosed by the other doctors that she went to and after a consultation with Dr Bell she now knows what is wrong with her and Dr Bell is now her doctor as well.

You are welcome to contact me on 082 876 1579 for any further questions that you may have but remember I will refer you to Dr Bell

Kind regards,

Marius Nel

P. S. I am Dr Bell best patient at this moment

My naam is Henriëtte Strydom van Bloemfontein en ek is 18 jaar oud. Ek wil graag vertel hoe Dr. Bell se behandeling my gehelp het.

Na 'n netbal oefening in April 2007 het ek 'n pyn aan die kant van my regtervoet gekry. Die volgende dag speel ek 'n netbal wedstryd, min het ek geweet dit sal my laaste spel wees vir meer as 2 jaar. Die naweek daarna kry ek my krukke en die dokter sê dit is 'n stresfaktuur. Na 'n maand in gips voel ek weer goed, maar teen September is die pyn weer terug, my huisdokter verwys my na 'n ortopedis en na 'n MR-Scan ek kry my moonboot, want ek het inflammasie. Na vele anti-inflammatoriese pille, kortisoon inspuitings en talle fisioterapeutiese behandelings is ek in Januarie 2008 na 'n spesialis en hy beveel toe aan dat hulle moet "skoonmaak", want die tendon langs die voet het inflamasie.

Dit het toe dadelik verbeter en ek gaan oorsee vir 'n toer, maar teen Junie 2008 is die pyn weer net so erg en ek word weer geopereer. Dié keer word die boonste tendon verwyder. Alles verloop goed tot so middel Desember 2008, toe ek weer die moonboot en krukke nader trek om die pyn te probeer verlig. Januarie 2009 keer ek terug na my dokter en hy sê hy sal graag weer wil opereer om te sien of die inflamasie opgeklaar het. Daarna verwys hy my na 'n kollega in Johannesburg. Dié dokter sê hy is baie bekommerd, maar hy kan niks doen wat my dokter in Bloemfontein nie kan doen nie. Weer gaan ek vir 'n MR-scan en ook 'n RT-scan en weer wys dit niks.

Na 'n lang gesukkel is my ma so moedeloos dat sy net voor die rekenaar sit en inflammasie in tik op Google. . .EN daar kom Prolotherapy na vore. Eers skepties oor die behandeling gaan ons na my dokter in Bloemfontein en hy verwys my na 'n kollega, 'n narkotiseer, ook in Bloemfontein om sy mening te kry. Die dokter sê ek kan niks verloor as ek die behandeling ontvang nie.

My eerste behandeling met Prolotherapy was 6maande gelede en 2maande gelede my laaste en my voet het heeltemal herstel. . .Ek het niks pyn nie en ek is ontslae van my krukke en die moonboot. Nie net kon ek na my Matriekafskeid gaan sonder krukke of "Moonboot" nie, maar ek het sommer hoë skoene ook aangehad.

My ma is ook nou vir behandeling vir haar lae-rug en reeds is daar verbetering.

My dank aan Dr Bell, want sy behandeling het vir my gewerk en my jong mens lewe aan my terug gegee. Ek sal dit enige tyd dit vir iemand aanbeveel en ook telefonies my ondervinding deel.


My selfoonnommer 082 634 4428

Graag bedank ek jou vir die goeie en professionele manier waarop jy my behandel het tot dusver.

Vir mense wat op julle webtuiste graag 'n getuienis wil lees, kan ek met oorgawe noem dat proloterapie behandeling voorwaar voordeliger en meer koste effektief is as enige ander behandeling.
Ek het 3 operasies op my regter knie gehad gedurende die afgelope vier jaar. Na die 3de operasie het die spesialis my aangeraai om heeltemal op te hou om muurbal te speel aangesien my knie dit nie sou toelaat nie. Na 12 maande het hy my medies afgeteken en weereens aanbeveel dat ek my sport moet verruil vir iets anders soos rolbal of iets??
Soos ons mans ook maar is, luister is min, en ek het terug gekeer baan toe - "net om liggies" te oefen. Een middag het 'n medespeler my vertel van Dr. Bell in Parys en aanbeveel dat ek gerus op sy webtuiste moet ingaan en gaan nalees aangaande sy proloterapie behandeling.
Met groot verwagting skakel ek die volgende oggend en maak my afspraak.
Baie beindruk na die eerste behandeling moet ek sê, is daar reeds 'n groot verbetering na so 3/4 dae. Hy beveel sommer terselfde tyd aan dat ek bloedtoetse moet ondergaan om moontlike tekorte in my sisteem uit te wys ens.
Wel, na dese kry ek sy kundige advies en gaan onmiddelik op die regte vitamine ens., net vir my! Kan julle glo,nog geen dokter het eens so iets voorgestel in my 41 jaar op hierdie planeet nie.
Verby is al die onnodige, algemene vitamines en aanvullings wat eintlik net 'n vermorsing van geld en tyd is.
Ek gaan hierdie week vir my derde, en hopelik, laaste besoek. Ek het intussen die SA Meester Muurbal span gehaal in my ouderdoms groep en kan nie dink dat dit sou moontlik wees sonder Dr. Bell se kundigheid en besondere behandeling nie.
Baie dankie weereens, geld kan nie die verligting en beterskap vervang wat ek hier gekry het nie.
Marius de Bruin

Thank you Dr Bell, for curing a 12-year old chronic injury!!

I have been running competitively since my school-days and have successfully competed nationally as well as internationally for many years. I hold national age-category records (2000m steeplechase), as well as a World record in the 2000m Steeplechase (W40, high steeples).

For the past 12 years I have been suffering from chronic hamstring and adductor problems which had a significant adverse effect on my running career. As a result of this chronic condition, the quality of my training declined, with the expected decline in race performance. During this time, I must have tried every possible treatment available. A short list of treatments includes chiropractors, anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy, acupuncture, orthotic shoe inserts, cortisone injections, series of strengthening exercises, and long bouts of untimely and mind-numbing rest. In desperation I also underwent an operation to the effected area followed by a long recovery period, but unfortunately the problem reoccurred as soon as I resumed training for competition.

I can best describe these 12 years as a time of pain, frustration, desperation, feelings of hopelessness, and constant doubt as to whether I will ever be able to follow an intensive training program to enable me to compete at national and international level.

During November 2008 I was referred to Dr Bell and Prolotherapy by a friend. I visited him in Parys, and after a thorough examination we embarked on a series of Prolotherapy treatments. I did not experience an immediate relief of my problem, but Dr Bell assured me that the healing required for this 12-year-old chronic injury will take a little time and that the treatment process involves healing the injury and not merely treating the symptoms. After the third treatment I could feel a noticeable improvement and relief of pain, and I resumed on a light training program. I am delighted to say that after the fifth treatment I was able to train pain free and entered the South African Masters Athletics Championships, held in Pretoria in May 2009. During the Championships I participated in the 5000m, 1500m and 2000m Steeplechase events. I bettered my previous personal best times (W50-54) in all these events and also set a new national record in the 2000m Steeplechase. I also qualified for national colours in all three events. The most exciting news is that I ran pain free, and without any trace of the old injury!!!

After 12 years of pain and frustration, I am again able to train, run and compete in my favourite sport without the constant pain and discomfort of a “pain in the butt”!!!

It is with great appreciation that I thank Dr Bell, and Prolotherapy, for successfully treating my 12-year old chronic injury, and giving me an opportunity to continue running competitively.

Best regards

Marietjie Ceronio

My appreciation for what you have done for me knows no boundaries.

A thank you alone does not adequately express my gratitude towards the solution that your therapy offers. My pain in the butt experience of almost 10 years was cured by your treatment in a matter of 2 weeks and have lead to a bronze medal at the 2007 World Masters Athletic Championships in Italy.

I have had almost 10 years of chronic sacroiliac problems (known as "pain in the butt") and the amount of money I spent on anti-inflammatory, chiropractor and physiotherapist treatment forced me to accept at age 40 that I will not be able to continue with my athletics career at a competitive level that I started at age 15. Coaching young athletes resulted in me to keep some level of fitness and the ability to compete on a more social basis but always with the accompanying pain in the butt. As a coach I always try to stay abreast of the latest information regarding training methods and sports injuries. The amount of hours that I spent on the Internet, trying to find solutions for my problem, is to numerous to count. I found many pieces of advice on treating the proverbial “pain in the butt” and embarked on one of the strengthening exercises myself during November 2006. I was so surprised that the butt pain dissipated almost completely in Februarie 2007 I then decided to back myself and started to train for the World Masters Athletic Championships in Italy during September 2007.

My training went well up to the beginning of July 2007 when I started to introduce some speed training. I had some discomfort after every session but was able to continue with my training program the next day. After three weeks of 2 speed-training sessions a week I was reintroduced to the same butt pain of many years. So, the old treatment regime started again. Chiro, physio and anti-inflammatory. At this point my trip to Italy was already paid for me and my wife so I had to find a way to push through on my decision to compete. My training was reduced to 1 day of training and 2 days of rest during this time. At the beginning of August I made no progress and decided to cancel my trip. As a last resort, before I cancelled my trip, I did some more research on the Internet and stumbled onto your website. I made an appointment the same day. The rest is history. 

I want to thank you and your staff for the chance your therapy gave me to successfully compete in Italy at the biggest ever World Masters Championships with almost 9000 athletes competing. What an expereince it was!!!  At 50 you gave my athletics career of 35 years a new boost and I am already preparing for the next International championship.

I now know that your therapy treats the cause of the problem and not the symptom alone. As a result I will be one of your strongest campaigners in my field of influence.

Kind regards

Carl Meyer

Dear Dr. Bell
I hope you are well. I haven't seen you for quite a while and somehow I miss the outings to Parys and the friendly chats with you.
I would like to tell you, that your treatment was extremely successful. Apart from when I go down stairs or downhill I feel no pain in my knees anymore and walking is now a pleasure for me. I have  already walked 3 times 18 holes of golf without any pain and to think that a year ago I had trouble walking from the golf cart to the greens. I cannot remember when last my knees felt this good.
I cannot but express my deepest gratitude for your help in curing me and I can't thank you enough for the treatment you have given me.
Please let me know if I will need another set of injections in the next few weeks as a "top up".
Many thanks again and I hope many sufferers will experience the same success as I have.
Kind regards and God bless you and your family
Willi Hollenstein

Dear Dr. Bell
I hope you are well. I haven't seen you for quite a while and somehow I miss the outings to Parys and the friendly chats with you.
I would like to tell you, that your treatment was extremely successful. Apart from when I go down stairs or downhill I feel no pain in my knees anymore and walking is now a pleasure for me. I have  already walked 3 times 18 holes of golf without any pain and to think that a year ago I had trouble walking from the golf cart to the greens. I cannot remember when last my knees felt this good.
I cannot but express my deepest gratitude for your help in curing me and I can't thank you enough for the treatment you have given me.
Please let me know if I will need another set of injections in the next few weeks as a "top up".
Many thanks again and I hope many sufferers will experience the same success as I have.
Kind regards and God bless you and your family
Willi Hollenstein

19 Oktober 2007

My naam is Joan van der Merwe van Vanderbijlpark en ek wil graag vertel hoe Dr. Bell se behandeling my gehelp het.

Gedurende 1997 – 1998 het my regterheup begin pyn.  Deur die dag was dit nie te erg nie, maar sodra ek gaan slaap was die pyn erg in my heup, tot af by my knie en ek het baie swaar geslaap.   Toe dit later ongemaklik seer was, is ek na my huisdokter waar bursitis gediagnoseer is.  (In kort is bursitis inflammasie in ‘n sakkie wat die wrywing tussen die spiere keer).  Mens kry dit gewoonlik in jou elmboog, skouers of heup.

Na vele anti-inflammatoriese pille, kortisoon inspuitings en talle fisioterapeutiese behandelings is ek in 1998 geopereer en die sakkie verwyder.

Dit het toe dadelik verbeter, maar gedurende 1999 is bursitis in my linkerheup gediagnoseer met wéér ‘n operasie tot gevolg.

Ek het gedink al my heuppyn is iets van die verlede, maar Februariemaand 2007 was die pyn terug!  Het baie moeilik geloop, opgestaan en sodra ek gaan slaap, pyn my heup geweldig tot in die knie en enkel en slaap was maar baie min.

Wéér dokter toe waar ek die slegte nuus kry dat ek maar weer die hele proses moet herhaal, naamlik:  Anti-inflammatoriese pille, kortisoon inspuitings en eindelik en eindeilk weer ‘n operasie (sodra ‘n bursa verwyder is, vorm die liggaam skynbaar weer dadelik ‘n ander een).

Ek ws op moedverloor se vlakte, on nie meer rolbal speel nie, kon nie meer op staptoere gaan – inteendeel, dit het gevoel of my lewe verby was op 62-jarige ouderdom.

Toe hoor ek van Dr Bell in Parys.  Ek het ‘n afspraak gemaak en dit ‘n week later weer gekanselleer, want het nie gedink sy behandeling maak sin nie.

Verbeel jou - ‘n suiker-oplossing in jou liggaam spuit – dit sal mos nie help nie.  Was weer een of ander dokter wat wou geld maak!

Op ‘n Saterdagoggend is ek na ons plaaslike “Mall”  en kon skaars loop so het my heup gepyn.  Ek was op soek na ‘n inflarrooilig wat ek gehoop het die pyn sou verlig, want ek het toe al sowat 50 anti-inflammatoriese pille die afgelope ruk verorber.  Solank as wat ek die pille drink, het dit wel gehelp, maar sodra ek ophou, was die pyn terug.

Toe ek by die laaste Apteek sonder hulp wou omdraai, hoor ‘n dame wat langs my staan van my problem.  Sy vertel my toe ook van Dr Bell en sê dat hy haar vriendin gehelp het en ek gee my daar en dan sy telefoonnommer.

Wel, om ‘n lang storie kort te maak, ek het toe maar weer ‘n afspraak by Dr Bell gemaak, maar in die stilligheid besluit hy sou nie iets vir my kon doen nie en dat ‘n operasie maar weer my voorland sal wees.  As laaste alternatief sou ek maar gaan.

Wat ‘n verassing!

Nadat Dr Bell my ingespuit het, was die pyn nog daar vir 3-4 dae en wég is daardie intense pyn!  Dit was werklik soos toor!  Ek moet egter daarby sé dat el ppl baoe gebid het daaroor.  Die vae pyn wat ek nog gehad het, het met die 2de inspuiting heeltemal verdwyn en ek het wel gegaan vir die 3de inspuiting net om baie seker te maak!

Sedert Junie 2007 is ek nou pynloos.  Speel weer rolbal, gaan gymnasium toe, stap, hardloop, werk in die tuin, asof daar geen einde is nie.  Ek moet net keer of ek oordoen dit.

Met my laaste inspuiting het ek my man saamgeneem, omdat hy problem het met sy voet.  Sy problem kom egter van +-30 jaar gelede en ons neem aan dit gaan ‘n rukkie langer neem alhoewel sy voet na die eerste inspuiting klaar beter is.

My dank aan Dr Bell, want sy behandeling het vir my gewerk, en ek sal dit enige tyd vir iemand aanbeveel en ook telefonies my ondervinding deel.  My selnr. is 084 517 6807.

Ek doen atletiek van 7-jarige ouderdom af.  Beide my voete het later baie seer geword en die toestand is gediagnoseer as “Hugland se toestand” – abnormal vergrote beenvorming aan die agterkant van die hakskene.

Dit is chirurgies verwyder toe ek 13 jaar was in die hoop dat die pyn sou verdwyn, met min sukses.  Chroniese inflammasie daarna het veroorsaak date k soms nie tekkies of spykerskoene kon aantrek nie. 

Na besoek aan Dr Bell in Parys en behandeling van beide voete (8 sessies vir die regtervoet en 10 vir die linkervoet) was alle pyn, swelling en inflammasie weg en kon ek voortgaan met atletiek.

Baie dankie Dr Bell.  Dis soos ‘n wonderwerk vir my… en jy – ‘n engel op aarde!

Ronelle Venter

15 Jaar gelede het ek lae-rugpyn begin ervaar.  Ek was baie aktief en het gereeld geoefen, maar aanhoudende pyn het my gedwing om my dokter en ‘n ortopeut te gaan spreek. 
X-straal plate het getoon dat die kussingkies tussen die werwels erg verweer het.  Die pynlike ongemak het met die jare vererger en ek het permanent anti-inflammatoriese middels begin gebruik.  Ek was leter heeltemal onaktief en het enige beweging wat die pyn kon vererger, vermy.  6 Maande gelede het ek tydens ‘n radioprogram van Proloterapie gehoor en dadelik geskakel vir my eerste behandeling.  Ek het nou vier behandelings voltooi en behalwe dat ek nie meer erge pyn ervaar nie, het ek ook vir die afgelope vyf maande geen pynstillers gebruik nie.  Ek is weer besig met daaglikse oefenprogramme en ervaar aansienlike beter lewenskwaliteit.

Dankbare 63 jarige - Vanderbijlpark