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Prolotherapy is a treatment that stimulates the body to repair painful areas.

Prolotherapy stimulates the repair of injured, damaged structures. It involves the injection of natural substances (along with anaethetics to make the injections less painful) at the exact site of an injury to stimulate the immune system to repair the area. The exact term for the natural healing process that occurs after an injury, is called inflammation . Thus, Prolotherapy causes an inflammatory reaction at the exact site of injuries to such structures as ligaments, tendons, mensici, muscles, growth plates, joint capsules, and cartilage to stimulate these structures to heal.

The term Prolotherapy is derived from the term fibrolastic proliferation. Fibroblasts are the cells that actually grow the ligaments and tendons. By proliferating the fibroblasts, new, strong, collagen tissue is formed which is what is needed to repair ligament/tendon sprains and other sports injuries.


To heal an injury the body mounts an inflammatory reaction. It is this inflammatory reaction that repairs the damage caused by the sports injury or trauma. If an athlete's injury remains painful for a prolonged period of time it means that the area is still weakened and damaged. Pain to an athlete should signify a structure is weakened and elicit the response of obtaining Prolotherapy, not anti-inflammatories which cause a further weakening of the structures.


Good question. It is like in your home when the fire alarm goes off because there is a fire in the home. You could to stop the alarm by merely taking out the batteries. You would then feel better because the alarm wouldn't be blaring out the message that something very dangerous was brewing. Of course, this would have no effect on the fire that is burning your house down, nor would it disturb the children that are sleeping in the upstairs bedroom. A more prudent approach would be to grab the kids and get out of the house. If time would allow another option would be to discover what is burning and put the fire out.

Anti-inflammatories and cortisone shots stop the body's cry for help. Pain should signify to the athlete that something is wrong. A vital structure needed for optimum athletic performance is weakened, stretched, and damaged. The pain is caused by the body's own healing process. By knocking out the inflammation, the pain subsides, but so does any chance for healing. Realize that just because a structure doesn't hurt does not mean complete healing. This is why so many athletes re-injure the same structure year after year. They have taken anti-inflammatories or received cortisone shots to knock out the pain, only to have it recur because the structure never regained its original strength. A better approach is to strengthen the structure after the injury with Prolotherapy. Complete healing after each injury needs to be the goal of every athlete.


Unfortunately for many athletes the tenets in the book Prolo Your Sports Injuries Away! are not accepted by most sports medicine authorities. This is similar to the mercury toxicity issue. It is clear from the governments standpoint that mercury is toxic to the human body as there are strict guidelines for the use of mercury in industry and industrial exposure. The Environmental Protection Agency has clear guidelines to how much exposure of mercury is safe in the workplace and the environment, yet the government allowed and still allows dentists to put mercury directly into the mouths of Americans via amalgam fillings. For the American Dental Association and other authoritative agencies to now admit that mercury is a poison (which it clearly is) could cause anarchy and tremendous legal action. Imagine if all of a sudden the AMA and large orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine societies admitted that anti-inflammatory drugs and cortisone shots actually stop the healing process and are the primary cause of the arthritis in the 20 million Americans with the disease, again pandemonium and legal actions could result.